Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Adventures in Parenthood

We've made it through the first couple of days having Madeline home and I'm happy to report that neither of us are exhausted and Maddy has been a treat. She's been very quiet and sleeping most of the time which was exactly what we expected. She wakes up every 2-3 hours wanting to eat and after that's all done, she usually falls right back asleep. Based on the results from her last few tests, she showed the doctors that she isn't having any trouble breathing or with her heart so I'm resting easy and not too worried about her having any episodes. That and Kristen is watching her like a hawk! She passed her hearing test and the eye doctor said that her ROP is going down so we'll only need to see him every 2 weeks now.

Because we were so focused on getting her home, I hadn't taken any turns feeding her so that changed yesterday. I'm surprised to say that it's really not too difficult at this stage and Maddy and I do just fine, allowing Kristen much needed sleep. It's been amazing to finally be home and not spend every afternoon in the NICU and I'm so happy that battle is over. Baxter has been hilarious trying to figure what in the world has happened in his house. He'll creep up to her and the second she sniffles or moves, he runs away, tail between his legs. At night, he'll watch over her bed super curious and then give up and slump away. 

Here's some more pictures of Madeline at home:


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