Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 Month Update

Its been a busy month for Maddy and somehow, its time for her 5 month update!!

Before we get to the fun stuff, here are some milestone updates:
Weight:  ~10.5lbs (accurate to about a week ago)
Clothes:  Mostly 0-3 and small 3 month
Length: ~21.5 in
Food:  ~22oz/day (3-4oz per serving)
Sleep:  THROUGH THE NIGHT  (~10pm-6am)...thank you Maddy :)
Misc Milestones:

She's found her hands...and LOVES them!!  She's starting to self-soothe by SHOVING her entire fist into her mouth.  Occasionally she'll settle for a finger or two...but mostly, she goes for it all (thats my girl)!!!

Maddy will deliberately smile back at us and she's even started to "coo" almost like a laugh when we're acting goofy around her...its the most adorable thing EVER!!  I know she's probably did I end up with these goofs as parents?!?

We're still working on tummy time, which she now HATES unless she's sleeping (then she LOVES it).  She has great neck/head control when she's on our chest or sitting up (supported) we just have to get her a little stronger when she's on her tummy!!

She LOVES playing on her mat and really goes to town batting at the toys dangling above her.  Her movements are more deliberate now and she's even started to grasp for the toys.

This past month, Maddy celebrated her first 4th of July with friends at a cookout...

She also got to see her first Cubs game at Wrigley Field....and just for her, the Cubs actually WON!!

She also had a great time meeting family in Ohio...

 ...spending time sleeping in her great grandma's arms..

...admiring great grandpa's "clucking" noises :)

Photo: Great-grandpa Eschleman and Maddy

...and went "swimming" for the first time

We can't wait for next year when she'll be running around with her big cousin Emily and new little cousin Rosie  :)

Photo: Cousin Emily getting an up-close view of Maddy

Up next is her first plane trip to Virginia to meet friends and family....say a little prayer for us that everything goes well on the plane :)