Saturday, December 7, 2013

Months 8 & 9 (a little late)

I have to admit that I've been slacking in my posts over the past 2 months.  I'm waaay overdue for a Maddy update, so here goes!

Maddy recently went to her 9 month check-up and she weighs a whopping 17.7 pounds!!  She's on the charts for her actual age and her doctors continue to be very happy with her progress.

Toes!  Maddy's new favorite toy!
Hi Mom!  Look at me sitting like a big girl

Developmentally, she is right on track (even a little ahead of her 6 month adjusted age in some areas)...we've come a long way in 2 months!  Gross motor-wise, she is able to sit independently in my lap and reach for toys for several minutes.  On the floor she maintains independent sitting for several seconds, but still falls when reaching for toys.

Maddy-Giraffe crib stare-down!

She is tummy timing like a champ, pushing up to her hands and doing adorable little baby push-ups!

Her biggest developmental gains, in my opinion, have been in the fine motor department . We started solid feeding a few months back and she has progressed nicely to finger foods.  She has an impressive pincer grasp and is able to grasp and bring food to her mouth. We love watching her chubby little cheeks go to town when she chews her is adorable!

We get a little messy some every time!

Trying to get the hang of her spoon...

 In early October, Maddy took another plane ride to visit her family in Boston and attend cousin Johnny & Christina's wedding! While there, she stuck her toes in the sand and ocean for the first time..

 and met lots of new family!

Maddy with Cousin Laura
Maddy with Cousins Christy and Kim

Later in the month, Maddy dressed up for her first Halloween!  Thanks Scott and Nichole :)

In November, we traveled to Grandpa and Mimi's house for Maddy's first Thanksgiving! She had her first taste of Grandpa's fried turkey that day, but wasn't a big fan...yet!

I think those are the big highlights of the past 2 months.   Things I wish I cold freeze in time:  Maddy's big beautiful smile when she wakes up, her adorable kicks and screeches when we change her diaper (who knew this kid would get such a kick out of diaper changes?), her chubby baby cheek chews and the most amazing sound of her giggle when tickled! Things I would NOT like to freeze in time: teething! Every day it seems I struggle with wanting her to stay this beautiful little baby and being excited to see what she'll surprise us with next. One thing is for sure, as Will and I are busy preparing for Maddy's first Christmas, we are sure to enjoy every moment with our sweet girl!

Until next time, Happy Holidays to all!
K, Will and Maddy

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  1. Hey Kris, Will & Maddy :-)

    Quite sure you have been busy with that beautiful, growing little girl and thanks for the post! Great pictures, especially the one that appears to have her sporting a Patriots shirt :-)


    UB & Linda