Saturday, March 9, 2013

3/8 Update

And back up we go. Miraculously, Madeline fully recovered yesterday. After all of those tests, the doctors determined that she didn't have a pneumo or an infection. The doctors basically told us that the root cause appears to be that she's a premature baby and sometimes her body just isn't functioning correctly yet. They've treated her with antibiotics and they are treating her low pH with bicarbonate. She's still intubated but today should be the day to get the tube back out again. She was peaceful yesterday and we're getting very anxious to get back to being able to hold her. All of our prayers continue to be answered!


  1. God is good and He will protect them.
    Thanks for sharing....I will continue praying. ;)

  2. That is wonderful news!!! Yay Mady...keep getting stronger baby girl!!!

  3. YAY!!! Go lil Girly! ~Laura