Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7 Update

Madeline had a very quiet day yesterday that was filled with great news. One of our biggest early hurdles for her was brain hemorrhaging and that typically manifests itself in the week one ultrasound. The ultrasound taken on her birthday was to rule out any immediate issues but the doctors have let us know that we wouldn't be out of the woods until the second one is completed. I'm unbelievably happy to report that they found no issues and she's been given an all clear for now. There are all kinds of scary complications with brain development in a premature baby and it's such a relief to have gotten through this hurdle.

Breathing wise, she graduated again! They switched her from the ram cannula to the Humidifed High Flow (HHF) oxygen and it's another step towards her breathing on her own. It's looking like it could be possible that she'll be breathing completely on her own in the next week. That would be a super aggressive goal but in the big picture, she's ahead of where we were expecting her to be and we aren't stressing too much about when the support goes away. If she has to switch back to the ram for a little more support, it's really not a big deal and the tubes themselves look about the same to me. Her feeding were upped again and she's up to 1 ML per hour and has shown no signs of any stomach issues. Steady as she goes!

She wasn't as active yesterday when we were visiting her so there aren't any crazy stories but she does love to kangaroo with us. We've been able to hold her between the two of us for about 3 hours straight and I personally think it helps all three of us. It's starting to feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel and we'll have her home causing a ruckus with her best friend to be Baxter in no time.


  1. Dad and I were so thrilled with all of your good news yesterday. You have a little fighter within your tiny daughter. Holding her now is just the beginning of many more joys to come for you and Kristen.

  2. so happy to hear the great news! She is a strong willed little girl, remember that when she's 13 :) Love to all three of you, can't wait to see her.

  3. Awesome. That's one tought girl. Granny would be proud.
    Can't wait to meet her. Thanks for the daily updates. Keep them coming.