Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Poop Hits My Hand

Madeline had another easy day celebrating her one week birthday. The pneumo is now officially, all doctors are in consensus, really really this time, resolved. This means back to upping the feedings and she's currently on 1/2 ML per hour every hour. Her oxygen settings were also reduced once again and she's doing so well she might be graduating off the ram cannula to high flow oxygen in the next few days. In talking with the nurses, they probably won't take her off of everything completely because her young body can forget to breathe. Leaving her with that helper will only reduce the stress on her body and ideally help her focus on growing.

Yesterday's fun story was Madeline showing her feisty personality once again. When I came to visit after finishing my work day, Kristen was doing kangaroo care with her and we decided to switch off to give me a chance to hold her. Once she got placed onto me, she squawked louder than any of us had heard so far and did not stop until we finally got her wires more comfortable for her. Her little cry is really cute at the moment but man am I starting to think that her cry is going to wake up every living being in a 50 foot radius. According to our parents, Kristen was pretty quiet as a baby and in the words of my mom, 'Will, you were a terror and not the easiest baby.' We've been hoping all along that she would be taking after Kristen but it's looking like our angel may be taking after dear old Dad but I digress.

So as I was holding her, all of a sudden I felt this huge amount of pressure come out of her butt and here's how the next 20 seconds played out.

Dad: Woah, Madeline, did you just poop on your Dad????
Nurse: Yeah, she's started pooping now.
Kristen: Hahahhahahahha - that's my girl.
Dad: Poop just happened and I'm going to write about this tomorrow.

Lo and behold, before we left Kristen changed her diaper (being the awesome Mom that she is) and I'll leave out the gory details but yeah, that's exactly what happened and that's the story of how Madeline pooped on her Dad for the first time.
Madeline @ 1 week.


  1. as they say poop happens! So glad to hear then great news! Way to go Maddy

  2. Love the updates & pictures, she is just amazing!!!! ~Laura

  3. Will, when you were a baby you were very vocal about likes and dislikes as well. In fact that is something about you that has not changed, as I am sure Kristen and all of your friends can testify.

    Hurray for Madeline's one week milestone. That is awesome that she is showing her personality, even if it is a bit noisy. Beautiful noise if you ask me!

  4. Oh the pooping has just Being a mom of two.boys i have been pooped on, peed on, and vomited on more times than i can count...but also being a mom..i.wouldnt trade a moment of it! Just wait are at work or out in public and u smell something rancid and realize you have some form of bodily fluids on you from hours before! Its all apart of being a parent! And I know you and Kristy cant wait to experience that! Maddy is such a beautiful angel and cant keep myself from constatlntly checking for updates! Thank you Will for being an amazing husband to Kristy and an amazing proud papa to Maddy! Kristy you and your family are always on my mind..just wish we lived closer so that I could be more there for you! I love ya girl! And to baby Maddy...keep up the fight and continue to stay strong!